Forensic Psychiatry

Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry

The UCLA forensic psychiatry fellowship program emphasizes educational value over service and will prepare fellows not only for forensic practice but also to become leaders in academic and organizational forensic psychiatry. Fellows will become proficient in the roles of expert witness, forensic consultant in and out of the courtroom, and informed advocate for public policies that affect the regulation and practice of psychiatry and forensic psychiatry.
UCLA offers unusual breadth to our high quality faculty (including four past AAPL Presidents) many of whom have national and international reputations and have been involved in high profile cases. The fellowship emphasizes learning how to do strong forensic assessments, reports, and testimony. Seminars cover all aspects of forensic psychiatry including a special forensic ethics curriculum that will equip fellows with frameworks to resolve ethics dilemmas in the field. Additionally, the fellows have a Landmark Case Seminar in a consortium with Hastings Law School and UCSF Forensic Psychiatry as well as special forensic case seminars with faculty that delve deeply into criminal and civil cases.