Resident Leaders

Resident Leaders

We often say that we are a “resident-led” program, and we stand by the autonomy that we provide our residents. Many of the biggest improvements to our program have specifically been resident-led, including the program retreat, the intern psychotherapy retreat, new clinics in the clinic match, changes to our recruitment process, restructuring our call schedules, and more. 

Each year, we have two PGY-4 Chief Residents who work closely with the program directors to guide the overall direction of the program. We also have a weekly Residents’ Council meeting each Monday where residents gather to discuss any issues in the program that need to be addressed and brainstorm solutions. There are two PGY-3 Co-Presidents as well as a PGY-2 Secretary who are in charge of leading Residents’ Council, which helps to ensure representation in leadership from multiple classes. 

We also encourage every class to send representatives to the Residency Oversight Committee (ROC) which meets every other month with many of the core faculty members in our department, including the Chair, the Vice Chair for Education, the Vice Chair for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, various Division Directors, the Medical Director of the hospital, the VA Chief of Staff, and more.

Get to know our current resident leaders!

Shawna Chan, MD

Chief Resident

Stephanie Wong, MD

Residents' Council President

Preston Igwe, MD

Residents' Council President

Amber Song, MD

Residents' Council Secretary